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How to Build a Strong Social Media Strategy for Your Business

You should know quite well by now that social media is here to stay! So, if your business isn’t utilizing this inexpensive, simple form of digital marketing, you’re missing out. Here’s how you can get started.   Take a Look at What You’re Already Doing   If you already have some social media accounts, take […]

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How Your Print & Digital Marketing Can Work Together

As we’ve mentioned before, print marketing is far from dead. And we certainly hope you’re embracing the ease and lower-cost alternative of digital marketing. But how do you do both effectively?   Use Social Media Using your social media channels to get your brand message out is like the best way to use digital marketing. […]


Hashtags: How Important Are They?

Remember how strange it was seeing hashtags in social media posts just over a decade ago? Now it’s something we don’t even flinch at. In fact, if a social media post doesn’t contain hashtags, Is It even really a post? (We’re kidding! Of course, it is!) But, honestly, even if you use them, you may […]

digital marketing

Digital Marketing & Content Marketing: Understanding the Differences

Digital marketing and content marketing are two terms you often see used interchangeably. But in reality, they’re two different terms that happen to be related yet are quite different. So what’s the difference? We’re going to fill you in.   Digital Marketing Digital marketing encompasses all the marketing you do online. This means anything done […]

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What’s the Difference Between Omnichannel & Multichannel Marketing?

When you have a small business, your marketing strategy is almost as important as your product. And this is why keeping up on all the latest marketing methods is crucial. A few new marketing terms you may or may not be aware of — but that you certainly need to know — are omnichannel marketing […]

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Mobile Marketing 101: What You Need to Know

Everywhere you look these days, people are staring at their smartphones. It’s the first thing most people check after they wake up, and often the last thing they look at before they go to sleep. So, doesn’t it make sense to embrace mobile marketing?   What Is Mobile Marketing? As you may have already guessed, […]

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Does Your Company Need a Content Marketing Strategy?

Content marketing has been around for years but is a term that’s blown up recently. It’s more than a buzzword, though. This a fundamental strategy you need to implement into your marketing.   What Exactly Is Content Marketing? The Content Marketing Institute’s official definition states: “Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing […]

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How to Identify Your Target Market

Although you may want to try, it’s almost impossible to market your products and/or services to absolutely everyone. No matter how amazing and useful whatever you have for sale is, not everyone is going to want it. Trying to market to everyone will only be a waste of your time, energy and resources. Your product […]