Each content marketing strategy is tailored specifically to your audience. This allows us to create content that we know will resonate with your customers. Our process is designed to answer your audience’s questions so you build thought leadership in your industry and gain customer trust.


Once your content marketing strategy is in place, we assign you a writer from our team of experts, who conducts research around the pieces of content to be created. Once the research has been completed, your content is created and put through a rigorous editing process before it is passed on to you for approval.


Nothing is published without your direct approval. We automate your business’s online presence and we understand that there is a lot of trust involved with that. After your content has been rigorously edited and refined to follow your content marketing strategy, it is uploaded into the queue for your approval.


Once your content is created and approved, we automatically post it to your content channels. We then boost posts and run Facebook ads to increase the number of eyes on your content (if you need/want us to do so).


Because no good strategy is ever fully complete, we continually monitor your analytics and tell you what is working, what can be improved and how we are going to implement that into your content creation. Most content creation is published and poorly measured so we ensure that all data goes back into creating better content to convert more readers into buyers.

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