4 Reasons Why You Should Never Buy Followers

You’ve probably seen pop-ups and other ads that state how easy it is to buy followers for your social media accounts. Spend a few dollars, and you’ll have thousands of Instagram or Twitter followers. And if you’re a small business just starting out with your online marketing, this can seem like a great idea. You won’t look like you’re such a newbie — or just unpopular!

But unfortunately, if something sounds too good to be true, it likely is, and here’s why you should never buy followers.


You’ll Have Zero Engagement

Something that’s even more important than numbers when someone looks at your social media accounts is engagement. Most people would rather follow an Instagram account with more engagements than followers. If you have only 50 followers, and a post gets 10 likes and valid comments, you’re doing better than an account with 1000 followers and zero likes or comments.

The bots or other fake accounts set up to “follow” you on social media channels don’t provide any engagement. Those engagements are what’s necessary for bumping your post up and making you look like an authentic business.


Your Account May Send Out Spam

Sometimes, when you buy followers, the fine print states that they reserve the right to send out posts from your account to everyone on your friends or following list! This means all of your followers — including your real ones — may receive spam messages which look like they’re from your business. Not only do people not like being spammed, but often, these messages are inappropriate and have nothing to do with your business or brand. You’ll likely lose a bunch of your real followers if this happens, and subsequently, the engagement your channels need.


Your Account Could Be Suspended

All popular social media channels have security settings and departments which look for “bad behaviour” online. They’ll often sweep through and delete a bunch of fake accounts, making it look like you’ve lost a bunch of followers.

If your account keeps getting flagged for sending out spam or you’re found to have bought followers, your account could be suspended or possibly deleted.


It Just Doesn’t Look Good

Sometimes, it’s pretty obvious when someone buys their followers on social media. If you’re still a budding business and people see your Twitter account grew from 20 followers to 2000 in a day, they may get suspicious that you’ve bought some followers.

Now, most accounts have a few “bots” follow them randomly — they’re hard to escape. However, if anyone is looking at your follower list and sees that it’s mostly made up of bots or fake accounts, your credibility may be shot.


Contact Flynn Digital Plus

Honestly, no one expects a small business that’s just starting out to have a strong social media presence right away. Building your accounts up through producing great content on a regular basis and engaging with your followers is the way to do that.

If you’d like more information on how to rock your social media or how to create your online marketing strategy for your small business, contact Flynn Digital Plus today.

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