How Your Print & Digital Marketing Can Work Together

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As we’ve mentioned before, print marketing is far from dead. And we certainly hope you’re embracing the ease and lower-cost alternative of digital marketing. But how do you do both effectively?


Use Social Media

Using your social media channels to get your brand message out is like the best way to use digital marketing. And once you start interacting with your potential customers via this medium, you can drive some interest — and hopefully more contacts — towards your print marketing.

And it works both ways, too. When someone sees a print ad, they’re likely going to look for your digital presence to find out more about you. If both your print marketing and digital marketing are covered, you’re golden.


Give Out Some Swag

Get some low-cost materials made up to give out or use for prizes at events. Pencils, water bottles, keychains, and other small items are fantastic, inexpensive things to choose. Swag provides a way for people to have something they will (hopefully) use often — with your logo and social media information on them.


Use CTAs

Use your print marketing to gain people’s interest and send people to your social media channels. Lure them over not just by promising more information but with contests and other incentives.


Pay Attention to ALL Your Branding

While you may spend more time on social media and other forms of digital marketing, it’s essential not to neglect your print marketing. You’ll likely want to base your attention on the digital side of your marketing because it’s easier to use and faster to implement. However, you mustn’t forget that you likely have an audience that appreciates print, too.

Print marketing offers a strong visual image that stands out in a magazine or billboard, while digital marketing, as effective and easy as it is, can occasionally get lost in the sea of social media.

So, make sure to put as much attention into your print marketing rather than treat it as an afterthought. Keep your brand, logos, and product/service message the same across all channels so you’re recognizable.


Personalize Your Print Media

Gathering customer information online from orders or newsletters allows you to send them personalized invitations, cards, and other information via direct mail.

People who follow and interact with you online will appreciate the extra mile you’ve gone through print marketing.


Use QR Codes & URLs

When you attach a QR code or a personalized URL to your print media, you’re providing a great way for your potential customers to easily find out more about your product or service. And as they find out more information about your brand, you get stats on how and when they found your code or URL, and how they’re now interacting with your brand.

QR codes allow your customers to simply scan it with their smartphone and be directed right to your website. They can be printed on just about anything and be placed in every setting.


Flynn Digital Plus loves creating Q-sters and other awesome ways to integrate your QR codes into your marketing. We also can help you with more ideas on implementing your digital and print marketing as well as printing services. Contact us today!

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