Why & How a Business Can Use Persona Marketing

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You should already know how important it is to figure out who your target market is as well as have your branding nailed down.
So, how does persona marketing fit into all that? To understand the major effects it has on your branding and marketing, and if it’s right for you, we’re going to clear up some of that confusion for you now.
What’s a Buyer Persona?
A buyer persona is a made-up, detailed profile of your target customer, based on facts and research from your current ideal customers. These are then used to help your business create a marketing plan that directly appeals to these personas.
How Can Buyer Personas Help with My Marketing?
When you’re able to create a detailed picture of your ideal customer, you can see the true person, or people, behind who you’re marketing to. Knowing the who behind your marketing allows you to speak directly to that person. As a result, your target market will feel a stronger connection, as if you know them and are speaking to them. This creates some serious branding impact!
How Do I Create A Buyer Persona?
You created your product or service because you had someone in mind, so start there. Then, go into further detail until you have a true persona. A few questions to start with are:
  • How old are they?
  • Are they male or female?
  • What’s their occupation?
  • Are they a parent?
Once you’ve figured out the basics, you can — and should — go even further! Try questions such as:
  • What colour is their hair?
  • What’s their favourite colour?
  • What’s their favourite food?
  • What’s their favourite activity?
  • What’s their greatest fear?
  • How old are their kids?
  • What’s their biggest joy?
You should keep going until you have the outline of a personality that could fit someone real. See that person and get to know that person. Name them. Create an avatar showing what the person looks like. You’d be surprised by the things you’ll come up with.
What Happens Next?
Make sure every member of your team gets to know this persona well. Once you’re all on the same page and you all know exactly who to speak to, you can concentrate on marketing to that person’s needs and wants.
Chances are that by creating this persona, you may have already come up with a few new ideas on how to market.
As we said above, you may think you’re already marketing to your target market. However, now that you know exactly who you’re marketing to, you can create a subtle change which will speak to the actual people using your products and services.
Let Flynn Digital Plus Help You!
No one knows your business or why you created it as well as you do. But the experts at Flynn Digital Plus can help you take the first steps towards creating your persona. Plus, we’ll offer other useful marketing tips like utilizing video marketing and building emotional connections with your brand story.
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