How to Identify Your Target Market

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Although you may want to try, it’s almost impossible to market your products and/or services to absolutely everyone. No matter how amazing and useful whatever you have for sale is, not everyone is going to want it.

Trying to market to everyone will only be a waste of your time, energy and resources. Your product or service has a target market, and this is exactly who you want to spend your time marketing to.

Luckily there are a few steps you can take to find out exactly who your target market is.


Who Will Appreciate Your Products & Services?

Your product or service was likely created to fill a void and to help someone. So take a few minutes to review your values behind the product, why you created it, and who you had in mind when you did. Then, market your product to those people, and show them how only your product can fulfill their needs.

For example, if your product or service is geared towards soothing young babies then you should be showing new Moms how your product will make their life easier. And since new Moms are your target market, don’t waste your time trying to market to teenagers or middle-aged men.


Who Are Your Current Customers?

It’s quite likely your current customers all have some things in common — and this is very important information for you to have. If the majority of your current consumers are female, in their 30s, and have an income of over $80K, chances are there are others in this demographic will also appreciate your product or services.

If you’re not sure of the specifics of your current customers, you may want to run some analytics and surveys to find out who’s buying and where they’re seeing your marketing.


Who’s Your Competition?

Take a close look at companies who are marketing similar products and services as you. Look to their digital marketing tactics to see if they’re targeting a market that you may not have already thought of. They might also be a good fit for your company.


Don’t Forget to Revisit Who Your Target Market Is

Your products and services will likely evolve over time and may start filling different needs. So it’s possible your market may evolve as well.

And don’t overlook the fact that sometimes your original target market may expand. That means your next set of merchandise should have a whole different market. For example, some books that are originally targeted to teenagers become even more popular with the adult crowd. Look at the Harry Potter Series!

So, whenever you release a new product or service, take a look at this list again and alter your target market if needed.


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