Is Your Brand Missing Out on Video Marketing?

video marketing

When you’re running a small business, it can be hard to keep up on all the marketing trends you hear about — such as influencer marketing and anything to do with social media. And not only do you have to keep up with what these things are, but you have to decide if it’s something worth integrating into your marketing.

One of the newest ways to market your business is through video marketing. YouTube has been around for a while, but lately, it seems to work best as a search engine. People now look for a brand’s presence on YouTube like they do on other social media channels.

Still not convinced that you need to jump into video marketing? Here are some other reasons you may want to consider making online videos.


It Adds to Your Branding & Brand Story

We’ve told you before why you should evoke emotion into your branding — and video marketing is a fantastic way to do it. Introduce the face(s) behind the brand and let your customers hear about the brand and product. Rather than making them read those same words in a print ad, videos allow your message to come through clearly. Plus, it helps to build trust with your customers.


Videos Can Show Your Products Off

It takes a lot of time and effort to describe your product or show pictures in a print ad or social media post. Instead, you’ll create more interest by demonstrating and showing all sides of your product in a video.

Being able to demonstrate how to use your product to your potential or current customers while describing it will help people retain the information better than if they just read it somewhere.

You can also take this opportunity to show and/or discuss possible alternative uses for your product, address common concerns, or answer FAQs.


You May Go Viral

When you have an interesting, value-packed video which shows off products or services that people will want to buy or use, chances are high that they’ll hit their share and like buttons. This gets your brand out there to new eyes who could also like and share.

Even if you don’t go viral, you’re very likely to gain some new customers when people share your videos!


It’s Inexpensive

If you’re serious about video marketing, and you have the budget, it may be worth investing in some specialty video equipment. But don’t worry if you can’t because most modern smartphones have incredible cameras on them. There are also quite a few video editing apps or online services you can access for free or a small fee.

Posting videos to your website and other video sharing sites, such as YouTube, also generally cost little-to-no money.


You Can Get Creative

It’s usually a lot easier to get creative through video marketing than through other marketing channels. Since you have more time and space than in a print ad or a social media post or pic, you have more options available to you.

Consider using animation or other digital graphics only video can offer. You may even bring in a whole new audience!


Talk to Flynn Digital Plus

It’s easy to see that you don’t have much to lose when it comes to creating online videos. They’re inexpensive and almost always effective.

It can still be hard to figure out what to showcase in your videos, though. And don’t forget you should nail down your branding before you start. Flynn Digital Plus can help you with all your digital marketing needs — and a lot more! Contact us today with any questions or to get started.