When Being Funny Is Appropriate for Your Brand

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Most people enjoy watching and talking about funny advertisements. For the most part, it’s not a bad idea to use an edge of humour to help your branding make the biggest impact, but sometimes, it’s just not appropriate. Want to know more about when to use humour in your marketing? Read on!


Humour Makes Memories

Advertisements which elicit some sort of emotion tend to be the most memorable. This includes sadness, anger, empathy, and, of course, humour. If a commercial makes you laugh or cry, you’re more likely to remember it the next time you see the product. This could even last for years to come. You’re also more likely to talk about the commercial with your friends or share it online — thus spreading the word. Talk about an impact! However…


Humour Doesn’t Necessarily Make People Act

Sure, people will remember your ad, and they could talk about it with their friends, but will it make them buy your product? Some studies show that while people may appreciate and remember your advertising, they may not actually be able to recall your brand. Even if they do, they may not act on it, either.


Humour Adds a Fun Touch to a “Boring” Product

You may offer an incredible, useful product or service, but it’s just not that exciting, dare we say “boring.” It sounds mean, but the reality is that not all of us can be the next-gen iPhone. In instances like this, by using humour in your advertising, you create something memorable and more impactful to go with your branding. Consider the new QuickBooks commercials. They use Danny DeVito to inject a bit of humour into their commercials that advertise their payroll service. People are talking about it, and now people may want to check it out.


Humour Can Backfire

Let’s continue with the above point of trying to promote a business that people may associate with being “boring.” Adding a little humour can make people take notice of your brand and think differently about your product, right? But it’s also possible your consumers may not take you seriously by using humour. Unfortunately, you run the risk of having your professional product or brand come across slightly (or very) amateurish.


Humour Can Take the Place of Facts

Marketing is meant to introduce your brand to people and provide them with information about your products and services. If your branding is already familiar to everyone and you don’t need to jam too many details in, then using humour can be a great way to remind people about who you are.


Consider Your Target Market

Not everyone finds the same thing humorous. You can’t do much about this, but you can at least make sure you’re using the right humour for your target market. If your target market is over 50, having off-colour or millennial-type jokes may not fly.


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