Do Promotional Products Help Your Brand?

promotional products

Pens. Bags. Calendars. Hair clips? Yup, you name it, you’ll see it given out as a promotional item. You may have wondered if these types of products can actually help your sales. Well, don’t worry. We’ll give you the scoop on everything you need to know about promotional products.


What Exactly Are Promotional Products?

Promotional products are items handed out bearing your company branding, which people will use (hopefully) frequently. This, therefore, reminds them to use your product or service.


Do Promotional Products Really Work?

In short, yes. Promotional products do have a high rate of return — as long as you have the correct product for your target audience (but we’ll get more into that later). Everyone enjoys receiving free stuff and giving someone a product enables you to gain their attention, even if just for a moment, that reminds them of you from time to time. Most people will use the products they’re given, and a lot of people will pass along promotional products to others who could also become customers.


What Do I Need To Know About Promotional Products?

Choosing the right products to put your logo on is key! And we emphasize that uniqueness certainly helps, too. Your goal is to get your name out there along with products people will use – not “crap” which will break or be thrown out. And we can’t stress this enough: use something relevant that’ll appeal to your target market not just something you may like.

So, it’s a must to figure out who your target market is first – and what they’ll use. For example, bookmarks may seem like a nice idea but consider if your target audience actually reads, and from a traditional book no less. Pens are among the most common — and fairly inexpensive — choice but are hardly a unique option. Luggage tags are hot these days. These are another inexpensive easy choice, but they’re not a great match for a market that doesn’t travel much. Now, T-shirts and other wearable items are quite a bit pricier, but if given to the right crowd, they can be a great way to get people talking. And using promotional items like crayons, colouring pages, and small games are some ideas for marketing products to parents.

It’s also very important to think about how you’ll be getting your promotional products to your target market. Giving out large or heavy products at trade shows or similar events may not work well as people won’t want to take them or carry them.


Have You Heard About Q-sters?

Q-sters are a brilliant creation which blends “old school” coasters – which, let’s face it, people often use – with the “new school” technology — barcodes — to make custom coasters. People see your logo on the coaster and eagerly scan for more information. These are a great way to promote businesses or introduce an event happening soon. Coasters are durable, totally customizable, and highly effective.


Flynn Digital Plus Can Help!

If you’re interested in Q-sters or would like information on how you can incorporate any promotional products into your business, we can help! Contact Flynn Digital Plus today for all your marketing needs.