Why Small Businesses Should Be Using Surveys for Market Research

market research
Market research is an integral part of marketing and should be done on a regular basis. You want your product or company information to reach your target markets, and the best way to do that is through market research. So, what’s an easy way to find out who your target consumer is and what they like? A great way to do that is through surveys.
Surveys give you valuable information about your target market and can greatly help you alter your marketing as you need to. And it’s not just big corporations who should look for feedback using surveys. It’s just as important for new and small businesses! Not convinced yet? Let us show you how surveys can help you.
Measure Your Customer’s Satisfaction
If a customer is dissatisfied with your product or service, they may or may not contact you to let you know. However, they’ll probably tell their family and friends. They’re also unlikely to do business with you again. Head this off with a quick follow-up. Ask for their feedback and figure out a way to retain their business.
Follow-ups aren’t just for new customers, either. A customer may keep coming back, but are they still as satisfied as they once were? They could be buying less than they were at one time and you may not even realize this. It’s important to keep checking in with your repeat customers, too.
You’ll Receive Valuable Product Feedback
You may have a popular product, and people are buying it and loving it, but it’s possible some buyers — or potential buyers — wish your product had another feature or came in another design. If you take the time to research what your target market wants, you’ll know the direction you can take in the future to gain more sales.
Other people may want to buy your product but feel the price is a bit too high. If you know that people can’t see value in the advertised price, you can look into altering your marketing and messaging.
You’ll Likely Grow Sales
Sending out surveys will not only get your name out there and remind your customers that they should continue to buy from you, but it may also help you gain some new customers.
Asking for feedback shows you care about your customer’s satisfaction. Seeing surveys (especially ones with rewards as we’ll talk about below) will generally drive some sales back to your site.
You’ll Know What to Do in the Future
Survey questions asking what your customers want and need, and how they prefer to receive their information, gives you valuable feedback moving forward. You may find, for instance, that you should add more services or new products to meet your customer’s needs. You may also discover you’ll need to adjust future marketing campaigns, so information is delivered to current and potential customers in the manner they like to receive it.
It’s Easy to Do
You can now create surveys easier and receive valuable market research faster than ever before! There are many sites where you can create a digital survey for little-to-no cost. Put one on your website, out on your social media pages, send it by email or include one on their purchase receipt. And here’s a tip so people actually fill it out: offer an incentive. People are busy and want their time to be worth something. By offering a percentage off their next order or another tempting reward, they’re more likely to complete the survey.
Flynn Digital Plus Can Help You
By now, you should be convinced that surveys are a great idea to help with market research. But if you’re too busy or unsure about the type of questions your specific business should be asking, Flynn Digital Plus can help you! Contact us today with any marketing questions you have.