Is Print Marketing Dead?

print marketing
It’s awesome that we live in an era where digital marketing is available. It’s relatively easy to use and inexpensive. So it’s no wonder why many think that print marketing is dead. Digital marketing may reign as king, but print marketing isn’t dead and it certainly still has its place. Here’s why.
Print Marketing Can Feel Unique in this Day and Age
Because of its ease and cost-effectiveness, digital marketing tends to rule most of the time. We see many companies converting the majority of their marketing to the online space. However, this means print marketing (done well) can actually stand out in a sea of digital.
Your message can feel stronger and classier to certain customers when it comes in print form. They may not pay much attention to pop-up ads for your business but will stop and take a look when a glossy poster catches their eye. Others may have seen your banners or tweets but never bothered to click on them. Then bam, a page in a magazine with your logo on it catches their eye and reinforces that you’re a legitimate company they should consider.
Print Marketing Covers Your Bases
Although the number of people who don’t embrace technology is low, they’re still out there. Those who lack the savvy or inclination to use smartphones or social media aren’t seeing your digital ads. Also, take into consideration that a small percentage of people who do use technology may not trust online ads – or even pay any attention to them. By putting print marketing in front of these markets, you cover all your bases.
Of course, if your target market is millennials, this may not apply as much. However, most other markets could benefit from coverage using both types of advertising.
A Few Things to Remember
No matter what type of marketing you choose to use, it’s important to keep your branding cohesive! If you create a marketing campaign that uses both print and digital, your potential customers need to recognize your brand and know who you are. That’s what makes them remember your name and keep them coming back.
Also, when using any type of marketing, you must remember to convey what you’re selling in a clear manner, and you must provide an easy way to contact you. Digital marketing has the advantage of providing easy to click links for contact or more information. With print marketing, you must be a bit craftier in providing ways for people to follow up. One easy way to do this is to use QR codes for easy scanning.
Flynn Digital Plus Can Help
We know you’re busy building your business and working with your customers. This likely means you have little time to think about which types of marketing to use, let alone time to build a marketing campaign. The great news is that at Flynn Digital Plus, we keep up on all the latest marketing trends and tips. We can help you with all things marketing related (both print and digital!), from branding to social media campaigns. And we do it well. Contact us for more information.