Ready to Create Your First Social Media Campaign? Follow These Tips for Success

It can be difficult for even the savviest social media person to keep up on all the latest platforms and algorithms. How can someone who’s concentrating on running a small business or busy dealing with customers possibly know where to start? Take a deep breath — it’s not impossible. Planning a social media campaign isn’t all that difficult if you keep a few things in mind.
Know What You’re Going to Promote
It’s best to wait to start your social media campaign until you know the details of what you’re promoting and how you want to promote it. Are you selling something? Do you have a special offer or are you trying to guide people to your site? Get clear on your goals before you start posting anything on social media.
Make Sure Your Posts Are Eye-Catching
People tend to scroll through social media when they’re bored or waiting. On most platforms, you only have a few seconds to catch someone’s attention as they scroll by. Know your brand well and make your ads eye-catching, but keep them simple and uncluttered, too. Change them up a bit every so often as people will tire of seeing the same thing. However, it’s important to keep your branding cohesive so your audience will recognize it’s still your company.
Research Who Your Audience Is & Where They Hang Out
There’s no point in posting repeatedly on Twitter if your target audience hangs out on Facebook and Instagram. And it’s usually a waste of your time to post on every social media platform out there. More is not better in this case.
How do you figure out where your target market hangs out online? How can you tell if you’re actually getting through to people? There are tools to figure out which platform has your demographics (ask Flynn Digital Plus for more information) and check out the analytics on your platforms.
Get Comfortable With The Sites You’re Using
It’s a good idea to know the ins and outs of the social media platforms you choose to use. If you’ve never used Instagram before, don’t open an account for your business and start using it to promote your social media campaign. Try opening a personal account and playing around with it before you start promoting on your business account.
Take a Look at What Your Competitors Are Doing
To be clear, we’re never saying it’s OK to copy anyone’s advertising or social media posts. However, if your competitors have a strong successful online presence, you may want to break down what they’re doing in their social media campaigns. You can’t copy their text or images, but you can implement a few of the ideas they use into your next campaign.
For example, if you see that your competitor gets a lot of engagement on Instagram, check out their posts to see what they’re doing. Are they asking a question or asking for feedback in their post? Are they running contests or using offers to lure customers? Look at the specific keywords or hashtags they use — does it correspond to your business? Can you use them in your own posts? Maybe they post at the same time every day or on certain days of the week. Study their popular posts, and start using that information to build up your platform.
Tell People What to Do
If you want people to act on what you’re offering from your social media campaign, make sure there’s a link to the offer or tell them specifically what to do next. Simply saying that you have a sale is usually not enough for people to type in your website for more information. People like to be told what to do, so make it easy for them to act. If you want them to shop your sale on your website, be clear — say that. It sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t provide a clear call-to-action (aka CTA).
Contact Flynn Digital Plus
Once you get the hang of social media, it’s a wonderful tool for getting your message out there and running successful campaigns. But don’t feel intimidated if you still feel baffled by it. Contact us at Flynn Digital Plus for more information. We know how to get your social media campaigns off the ground and flourishing.