Why Analytics Is Important to Online Marketers

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Unlike with traditional marketing, online marketing has the tools to give you huge insight into where your customers are coming from. When you put an ad on TV or in the newspaper, unless you ask every customer, you can never be sure what drew them in. With digital marketing, you can use analytics to tell you where your customers are coming from — and more. This information is important for knowing where to focus your product or service marketing. Let’s dig more into the what, why, who and how of analytics, shall we?
What Exactly Is Marketing Analytics?
Marketing Analytics is the measuring and analysis of data to show you the statistics of your website and, therefore, the returns of your product or service marketing. Analytics measures how many people reach your website as well as a variety of other useful information about your online visitors. There are generally two categories of analytics:
1. On-site analytics refers to the behaviours of your visitors once they have reached your website. These statistics include how long the average person stays on your site, which sections trigger purchases or action most often, which pages people linger on the longest, areas that people close out of the most, and other behaviours which may be useful to you.
2. Off-site analytics tell you how your web traffic is finding your website. Are they coming to your site from an ad you placed online or are they re-directed from another website? Maybe they are using a search engine to find your type of product or company. Analytics will actually tell you the words people are searching for which lead them to your website!
Why Are Marketing Analytics So Important?
As you can see, analytics is so important for finding out more about your customers and how to drive them to your website. Seeing where your online traffic comes from allows you to focus your product marketing on those areas. The ability to find out how your customers are being driven to your purchase page, or at least the contact page, is key information you need to know and focus on.
Who Can Use Marketing Analytics?
Anyone can use marketing analytics! Big businesses use analytics to draw up their new product marketing campaigns. And even someone starting out with their very first blog page can find a basic analytics reporting tool to use. However, small businesses are the ones who probably benefit the most from using marketing analytics. Small businesses are trying to draw in the most amount of traffic to their website without the large marketing budget that bigger businesses may have. They need to know what is working — quickly and easily.
How Can I Start Using Marketing Analytics?
There are many different levels of marketing analytics out there which can measure anything from basic statistics to very detailed advanced information. Some of the basic ones are free to use while the ones which provide valuable information for product marketing can come with a fee. You can ask your service provider for recommendations or search around for options.
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