Digital Marketing — What’s In It For Small Business Owners?

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Digital marketing is something no business — big or small — can or should escape. For small businesses owners who have a limited marketing budget, marketing your product or service online is a must. We’ll tell you why.
You Have Competition
It used to be that small businesses only had to compete with other big and small businesses in their area only. For small, locally-based businesses, they also often had the upper hand from consumers wanting to “stay local”. These days most people are looking for the “best bang for their buck” from someone they can trust and relate to. It is estimated that 88% of Canadian adults surf the internet at least occasionally. They could be looking for your business!
People Expect It
Let’s face it, when we hear about a business for the first time, we typically search them online first to find more information from a website, social media presence, or other advertising. If we find nothing online relating to that business it’s quite likely we will move on. Same if we have a question or require further information – picking up the phone to call a business is not the way most people like to communicate these days so if no email address or another form of online contact is available, again, we move on.
It’s Actually More Cost Effective
Printing off flyers and paying for newspaper and magazine space for your product or service does not come cheap. And let’s not get started about TV commercials! Traditional advertising still has its place, depending on your business, but digital marketing will likely give you the most value for your money — and the most eyes on your ads.
You Could Go Viral
For those of you not sure what “going viral” means, simply put, it’s when an ad, video, image or quote gets shared rapidly among other users. We usually see this on social media, but other spaces online contribute as well. Your ad or even something you say on one of your social media channels could have this impact. This is surely the ultimate way to market a product! There are some ways which can help your ad be seen by the largest number of eyes if you want to go viral (ahem – talk to us at Flynn Digital Plus for help with that!). The best way to go viral put out something informative, useful and/or clever.
Your Marketing Reaches Further
If you are placing ads locally, using the traditional marketing methods, your audience becomes the people in your city. With digital marketing, you can reach anyone, anywhere in the world. With the click of a button. Now, your target market may actually be the people in your own city, but why not get your name out there further and faster? When it comes to product marketing, bigger is (almost always) better. And as we mentioned above, it’s actually more cost effective. When you pay less for marketing, you reach a much larger audience. That’s pretty great, right?
You Can Track Your Results Immediately
In the past, you could never be completely sure which one of your product marketing tactics brought your clients in. With digital marketing, you get instant numbers that track which ads and keywords brought your clients in. With this valuable information, you can be flexible with your marketing quickly, easily, and with little-to-no cost.
Contact Flynn Digital Plus
Have we convinced you that digital marketing is the way to go? If we have, or if you still require further information about product marketing or branding, contact us today. We’ll show you what we can do to help your company produce the most effective marketing campaign possible.