Why Is Branding Cohesion Important?

branding cohesion
Branding is so much more than creating a product or company, a logo then putting it out into the world. This may have worked back when there wasn’t so much competition but now your brand needs a little something to make it stand out from the crowd. This is why branding cohesion is so important!
What Is Cohesive Branding?
Simply put, cohesive branding is ensuring your brand is consistent no matter where it’s being seen. It is vital that your brand is immediately recognizable no matter where you’re marketing. When someone comes across your brand during a commercial, on a bus shelter, in a magazine, on Facebook, Twitter, any other social media platform, or anywhere else you may pop up — you want them to know it’s you before they even see your name.
Take a look at well-known brands like Apple and Whole Foods. They are great examples of branding cohesion. Both companies show and tell you exactly what to expect from them, then they provide it.
How Do I Accomplish This?
By using the same unique and consistent fonts, colours, and graphics, you’re ensuring that your brand is recognizable. Once people get to know your brand, it will literally jump out at them on all platforms.
Take a good, hard look at your company and its values. This is what your brand should incorporate and speak to. You want people to feel this by looking at and using your products.
We know it can be tempting to change up your font style and use different colours on your logo with each promotion but doing this can confuse your customers. You want your style to consistently remain the same – in other words, build brand cohesion. Now, it is important to have several sizes of your logo. Different methods of marketing may require different logo scales so be sure to have a few sizes and that they’re appropriate for both horizontal and vertical usage.
It’s also important to use the same tone and style in your writing. Any blogs, catchphrases, taglines, or any other information should all be written using the same consistent voice – incorporating your brand’s values, of course.
Build Trust In Your Brand
Cohesive branding shows that you know your brand and message inside and out. Seeing this consistency will show you take your business seriously and are transparent and professional. This will lead to a sense of trust from potential customers and increased trust from current customers.
Your business has a personality. Show your customers that by using cohesive branding!
Make Your Life Easier
Once you have your branding in place, you know what you’re going to use across all your platforms and in all your marketing. There’s no guesswork involved when your messaging is down pat and your logos and design ready to go.
Do You Have A Cohesive Brand?
Take a good look at your branding and the message you’re putting out there to make sure it’s a perfect fit for your business. And more importantly, that your brand shares that message on all your marketing tools. You may need to ask trusted professionals or a reputable marketing company such as Flynn Digital Plus to get a reliable, unbiased opinion.
Not Sure Where To Start?
We get it, this branding talk can be a bit overwhelming. It’s difficult enough to know how to market your products! If you’re worried about brand cohesion, or really not sure where to start, we at Flynn Digital Plus can help you out. Contact us today with all your branding questions, help with product marketing or any other information you need.