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Is It Time To Outsource Your Marketing?

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Your company is up and running – maybe has been for a while now – your products are great and your customers are buying what you are selling. So, it’s all good, right? What you’re doing for marketing is working – or is it? Is there more you can do?

Doing marketing yourself is less costly than having a devoted person on your team or outsourcing your marketing – but it takes you away from other things you need do to keep your business running smoothly. In other words, the cost you put out for outsourcing your marketing will very likely return to your company in spades. There are many pros and very few cons of outsourcing your marketing. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself to see if it’s time for you to take advantage of outsourcing your marketing:


Is Your Business Growing?

You may still be seeing sales and maybe the numbers are going up every so often – but your business should continuously be growing. Seeing your customers return to you over and over is great – and by all means continue to nurture these customers – but the key is with finding new customers. If your numbers aren’t showing a clear growth of new customers then it’s time for some new marketing strategies. Which leads us to…


Do You Know How To Market In This Day And Age?

If you’re still running newspaper ads, or simply sending out occasional updates to your email list you need to expand your marketing horizons! If you are at a loss as to what to do and how to market in this new age of technology it’s time to ask for help. Keeping up with new marketing techniques can be a full-time job in itself so this is one of the advantages of outsourcing – just leave it to the experts. Not only do you have to know where to market but you have to know who to market to. So, the next question you have to ask yourself is…


Have You Figured Out Your Target Market?

A huge part of marketing is knowing exactly who you should be marketing to. And no, the answer is not everybody. Getting your message out there is good – getting your message to the key people (your target market) who will actually use your services or buy your products – is best.

If you are having a hard time figuring out your target market you are certainly not alone – but it’s a sign you should be taking advantage of outsourcing your marketing. You sometimes need to call in the experts to pinpoint the who, what and where your target market is. This is a hard project to take on yourself so you need to ask…


Are You Burnt Out?

If you’re a small business – who is maybe not so small anymore – you may possibly be burning the candle at both ends. This is a great advantage of outsourcing your marketing – it’s one of the easiest and best things for a business to outsource to maximize your profit. Outsourcing your marketing also gives you extra time to spend on other aspects of the business. So now we need to ask…


Have You Talked To A Marketing Company?

Consulting with a professional marketing agency — such as us here at Flynn Digital Plus — can help you decide if you should utilize their services or not. We will take you through some examples of outsourcing as well as the advantages of outsourcing your marketing. We can work together to put together a campaign for you – big or small – to fit exactly the needs you are looking for, finding your target market and getting your message out there effectively. Contact us today to find out how to take your marketing and business to the next level!