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When Should You Start Marketing Your New Product? ***


Here’s something that may shock you: creating your new product isn’t the hardest part of a product launch. We know how exciting it can be when you’re ready to introduce it to the world, but it can be confusing knowing when and how to incorporate your branding and how exactly to market a new product. Take a deep breath, step back and take your time. Ensuring you have all your bases covered before you start will help you get your message out there with the biggest impact. Here are a few useful things to make sure you have in place before you start marketing your new product.


Make Sure Your New Product Is Ready To Go

A lot of people think that the earlier they start marketing their new product, the better, but this isn’t necessarily true. You need to make sure your new product is ready to go and has ALL the kinks worked out before you start to promote it. Being able to meet your launch date with a product you’re 100% ready to put out into the world shows that your product is complete and you’re an expert in your field.


Know Who You Are Marketing To

Marketing and advertising aren’t as simple as making a commercial, ad or Facebook page and trying to get your message out to anyone and everyone. Even though you may think it’s brilliant, your new product is NOT for everyone. Figure out who your demographic is and concentrate on them.


Be Clear On Your Branding

Once you have your target audience down, you need to figure out how to get your message to them. Come up with the answers to “why” your new product speaks to these people and “how” you can get the message out then focus your branding around that. This is your new product’s “story” and it’s important that your potential customers see this story coming through your branding and marketing.


Find Out Who Your Competition Is

Ah yes, the competition! Fret not, they can actually help you. While we wouldn’t ever recommend stealing anyone’s marketing campaign or ideas, it’s important to take a look at what your competition is doing. Pick out a few successful tidbits they do that you can try and incorporate into your marketing.

It’s also very useful to figure out how you’re different from the competition. Why is your new product unique, and what can it offer that the competing products can’t? This is your branding platform. Run with it.


Have Your Customer Service Channels Ready

When you first start to promote your products, people WILL have questions. You need to be ready with the answers. Answering inquiries on social media, by phone and by email quickly and efficiently will go a long way in how people see your new brand and product.


Create Buzz

A lot of new products enter the market on a daily basis so even if you’re marketing to your exact demographic, you still need an extra “hook” to get them interested in your new product.

Offering an incentive to buy, for instance, a first-time buyer discount code, free shipping on the launch date, or a special two for one deal on pre-orders, will help lure in your target audience. By creating a “do not miss” opportunity to try your new product, you end up getting your name out there.


Ask For Help

If you’re still confused about product marketing and how to get your branding message out there, it’s worth it to get some help. At Flynn Digital Plus, we work with you to customize a plan that helps push your story out there successfully. Contact us today for more information.


*** Yes, this is a bit of read… substitute “new product” with “our inventory” and it reads the same!